WADDLIN’ NINE TO FIVE what a way to make a livin’…

WHEREVER plasterer Grant Everitt wanders - his rescue pet duckling waddles behind.

Fondly known as Feathers, the two-month-old Mallard even follows him to work: travelling in the passenger seat of his white van.

Monday to Friday the 26-year-old vegetarian ensures his wide-billed buddy is cushioned on a soft yellow blanket for the journey.

When they arrive, Feathers jumps out of the vehicle and tails behind. He then spends a full shift on the workbench watching the Everitts -father and son tradesmen team, R Everitt Plastering Services - hone their craft.

Animal lover Grant said: “Feathers is one of six ducklings whose eggs had been found without their mum. My girlfriend’s friend discovered them in a field, bought an incubator off the Internet and surprisingly they all hatched –they all needed a home, so me and my girlfriend said we’d take care of one.

“He thinks I’m his mum”

“The first face they all saw was human, so Feathers thinks I’m his mum. “

At the end of the working day Feathers climbs the stairs to his first story apartment in Nottingham city centre and then swims in the bath before they both relax for the evening. 

The following morning, the web-footed friend jumps in the shower with Grant before work and they do it all again.

The pair share the apartment with Grant’s 25-year-old Girlfriend Ellis Rayner and Rango, their bearded dragon lizard. Both duck and lizard feed on live bugs and mealworm. Feathers has free reign of the flat and waddles between the living room, bedroom and kitchen.

Grant added: “He follows me everywhere – even the toilet.

“I take him to work with me because I don’t want him at home all day on his own. Anyway, he has become my best friend and I don’t want him to leave my side.”

The matey mallard has also been adopted by the extended Everitt family. Grant works for the family business with his 46-year-old Dad Rob who is more than happy for the duck to follow them on every job. He also accompanies Poppy, the family black Labrador, on walks in the countryside. Grant is one of five brothers who look after Feathers while he is abroad on holiday.

Time to fly the nest

Most importantly, Grant’s mum, whose house is situated along the canal, is transforming her garden into a wildlife sanctuary. So when the time comes, the fledgling Feathers can choose whether or not to fly the nest.

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