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Everyone has a story to tell. The trick is to tell it in the right way.

Sarah Newall is an expert copywriter. Drawing on her background in journalism, she can shape content to ensure that it is noticed by the people who matter to you.

Through careful use of words and tone, Sarah can produce great copy for all your needs:

  • Absorbing articles for any type of publication
  • Snappy web content which makes an instant connection
  • Polishing existing text to give it an extra shine
  • Winning content for brochures and other marketing products
  • Compelling press releases which journalists will want to use
  • Engaging newsletters for customers, staff or other stakeholders

Call Sarah Newall now on 0744 904 0798 for all your copywriting needs.

Writing Service : Sarah Newall Media


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Sporting HEARTS

Sarah has achieved various pieces of media coverage over an extended period, helping this Nottinghamshire charity to raise its profile and increase fundraising for its work with disadvantaged children.

Food Freedom

Sarah oversaw the successful PR launch for this new Nottingham company which raises awareness about food allergies and intolerance. As a result, Food Freedom was featured in local papers, on radio and even on regional and national TV.

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